About D&J Tile Company

It is incredible how we have grown since we cut our first stone and laid our first tile back in 1989. No more driving across town to the Fabrication Shop. Now everything is just steps away in our onsite, state-of-the-art fabrication facility. Both the scale of our work and staff have grown remarkably while we have managed to ease the most labor intensive tasks with precision CNC machinery all while maintaining stringent quality.

More than three decades later, our dedication to craftsmanship has paid off. We’ve gone from working on favorite local lunch spots to working on the Bay Area’s most iconic landmarks such as the Ferry Building, Cathedral Hill Hospital, Westfield Center, Salesforce Tower, Lumina, Cal Berkeley Stadium and many more.

Despite all the success and technological advancements, you’ll be glad to know that some things never change. Dogs still scamper around the office; we still obsess with where to source the most exquisite stone, are constantly optimizing our fabrication facility, remain devoted to quality, efficiency and building client relationships that last.

D&J Tile By the numbers

250 sq. ft. of tile placed on our first “Big Gig” at Quizno’s
61 stories covered at Salesforce Tower
5,000 Projects Completed
7 Dogs in the office
39 Star Wars Fans (Only)
9 Electric Cars


80,000 Gallons per project
1,800,000 Gallons per year